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Privacy policy

1. Personal information
This is customer’s essential information used to provide services on the website.
Full name
Date of birth
Email address
Phone number
Address, post code
Other information 

2. Regarding the collection of personal information
In case of wishing to collect personal information on this website, we will clearly present a collection purpose before and will proceed in the allowable range after. If customers do not wish to provide personal information, refusal is accepted. In this case; however, there will be no time customers partly receive website service that we provide, your sympathy is highly appreciate.
Furthermore, when customers use this website, IP address or cookie data will automatically be stored on the server. The stored information will be used to adjust the displayed function by customer use or access interface.

3. Regarding use of personal information
Personal information provided to the customer will be used in the following purposes.
   1. (1) To receive the requested service.
   2. (2) To use statistical data for the purpose of marketing or product development
   3. (3) To confirm customers use to operate / manage website
   4. (4) To contact the customer for certain reason 

4. We don’t announce customer’s information to third party
We won’t sell or transfer information that customers supplied

5. Managing personal information
Avoiding illegal access, loss, abusing or falsifying personal information of our customers, we made this website to protect individual information
Individual information will be stored in safe place, no one can access it expect for its boss

6. Cookie
Being the main software to browse the site more convenient from past browsing information. When customers visit website twice, server sends information to the browser and stored on the hard disk. Cookie does not violate the privacy of customers, not adversely affect your computer. Depending on your browser setting, customers can refuse to take the cookie, but customers still do not have problems during use.

7. Regarding the query, correct, delete personal information
Customer’s personal information can be used to delete, correct through adopted procedures.

8. On changing private policy
Privacy on this site sometime be corrected if necessary. In case of any important information changed, it will automatically appear on the website to inform to customers.
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