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Golf simulator installation at individual residence

If it has width and ideal space, the product could be installed at villa

Recently, the number of individual customers install this product is increasing. Golf simulator product is more and more compact. The product can be installed at villa if there are height and appropriate space. Our product has an internet connection chamber which is designed to fit to your house. We ensure that it is installed on ideal and suitable space. We have soundproofing system so that  it does not make some noise even if ball sound touches screen, it will also be dealt with soundproof chamber so customers do not need to pay attention to this problem.
Because players enjoy a match which is the same reality, so you can play it with your family or friend without concerning about weather. There are a lot of functions such as near pin, driving contest... So, why don’t you think about installing this product at home?

On this occasion, we will also announce the villas installing our products

設置先マンションサンプル画像 入り口からの画像
This product can also be installed on popular villas 2LDK Golf simulation chamber can be installed in the smallest space
ブース画像 スクリーン画像
Around the chamber only has artificial grass, screen, and camera or PC It is too easy to install on a suitable space
ブース後ろ画像 リビングからみたブース画像
There are not any barriers when you make a ball shot You don’t need anything except for golf chamber, it never affects surrounding landscapes.