Main program is developed with the contribution of professional tournament players during 2 years. Screen golf simulator with high cost performance can handle various situations from golf practicing field to golf bar.

The software is available with 10 courses including professional 18 holes course and various practicing modes such as driver, putter, near-pin and approach. Flexible model that can be installed anywhere from individual residence, golf café to retail premises.



Main features of G-Shot



Image data of real golf court reproduced with 3D is received from the system and reflected on screen.

Shot data and image of strong shot can be clearly displayed.



Players can enjoy three-dimensional landscape and ball flying distance on projector screen.

Screen can strongly absorb impact in order to bring safety to the surrounding area.

3.G-SHOT system


Computer system with great specification.



Measurement of ball quality, flying distance and ball path.

Continuous field test brings further accuracy.

Completely reproduce ball orbit/track of fairway, rough and bunker.

5.Swing mat


 Players can adjust “high tee” auto-adjustment device at 6 delicate levels.

 Delivering touch feeling of swing mat and golf field.

6.Touch monitor


Interface adjustment can be controlled with touch monitor.

Device can be set up by anyone without having to use keyboard and mouse.

7.Swing plate (optional)


Inclined angle of falling ball is displayed automatically.

--- Options – Currently in development ---

8. Swing Camera


Players can examine swings by setting swing camera.

9.Putter sensor


Players can adjust “high tee” auto-adjustment device at 6 delicate levels.

Delivering touch feeling of swing mat and golf field.








G-SHOT SIMULATOR – Standard set

Control box/19 inch monitor/Sensor mat/Stance mat/Special speaker/Projector/Screen

G-SHOT SIMULATOR – Standard set – Price at 25,000USD … (excluded tax)

Maintenance contract

  1. Owners can control cost by renewing trouble parts.

Main practice mode

Driver practice


G-Shot yard, ancient landscape and airport backgrounds of drive practice bring enjoyment to users.

Players can enjoy both training and couching with ball orbit/track and swing data together with flying distance measurement.

Approach practice


Players can select from 2 approach practices and analyze their own swings with swing path and ball track data.

Players can practice approach from their favorite points.



1.       Distance to pin and height difference will be displayed value on screen.

2.       Slope of the green will read the process displayed on grid to execute putting.

3.       Players can select distance to pin as they wish.

4.       Levels can be selected from “HARD” “NORMAL” and “EASY”.   

Near-pin practice


1. Levels can be selected from “HARD” “NORMAL” and “EASY”.   

2. Club entry angle, horizontal direction and vertical direction of batted ball will be displayed.

3. Players can check the target line of horizontally batted ball.

4. Players can shot balls from any points they want.

Mini grounding


1. Four players can play at one time.

2. Levels can be selected from “HARD” “NORMAL” and “EASY”.   

3. Players can enjoy various situation by selecting different weather and wind speed.

4. Players can select different rounds from installed 10 courses.


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