G-SHOT navi

Playback can be adjusted from normal to ½, ¼, 1/8 to 1/16 slow speed as well as frame-by-frame playback. Camera stand (optional part) can be moved freely.

mportant data can be saved in USB.


Users can saved data in USB and other media in order to review later.

We provide class No. 1 cost performace product!

Shot senses are perceived with latest camera sensor. Players are free from improper operating signal from surrounding shot sounds.


 G-SHOT navi (new!)   PRICE 3,500USD

Main features



Monitor is designed with 20-inch wide screen.

135.  Shot data and image of strong shot can be clearly displayed.


Highly-functional camera sensor is applied


Applying highly-functional camera sensor instead of old sound sensor.

Players can sense their own shots accurately without disturbing sound around at-bats.

Two-camera type at front and back


Players can check swing images from front and back.

Players can check and compare with professional shots.

Foot-operated switch is available.


 Foot-operated switch is available with further accurate operation.

 Device can be easily controlled with golf club.


Compact design and user-friendly shot data



Monitor and camera stand can be installed steadily.

Shot data can be saved in USB for easy review later at home.