Graphic sensor performance! High-spec system of world highest peak is available!







Main features of Joy Golf

Performance! Introducing 3 line surround sensor!

   Three line surround sensors (1032 sensor points) placed on
   floor/ceiling/wall creates 3 invisible screens with infrared rays.
   When ball goes through the sensor, ball’s speed/track/rotation are
   measured as ball hits the screen and bounces back.
   Flying distance/track/speed are also reflected perfected based on instant
   calculation. By detecting balls that hit the screen and bounce back,
   hook/slice/sidespin/backspin can also be detectable.
   Realistic play style are available with highly-functional graphic.
   Shots can be done from both right and left sides.

Newly developed graphic!

Player can view the whole process when ball touches the screen then
 continues to overfly.

Abundant practice modes!

Full of field training from putter, approach to driver. First step to conquer junior level.

Easy operation with touch panel!

Simple interface operation! Easy operations with touch monitor and voice guidance, instead of keyboard and mouse.

Difference in shot feedback.


   Players can practice with various situation and standard
   feature such as rough mat and bunker mat, and feel actual
   shot feedback.
   Moreover, there is no sensor surrounding at-bat,
   which means players can easily shot from any point.
   In addition, there would be no damage to sensor due to

Joy Golf cutting-edge technology

World’s first introduction of 3rd generations of surround sensor with extraordinary differences.The secret lines with sensor technology.
Complete technology solution with evolutionary cutting-edge surround sensor.

First generation – Land surface measurement method

赤外線センサー        Measuring ball rolling with planate sensor by unidimensional infrared rays.
        Sine ball’s height is measured by its shadow, measuring its orbit/track and flying
        distance with accuracy still remains certain difficulty.
        The result is calculated in average and lack of realistic feeling.


Second generation – Plain surface measurement method

             Ball’s speed and track are measured when it passes through invisible scree by
             unidimensional  infrared rays at base (lowest point) and wall side.

Third generation – Three-dimension measurement method

3枚のスクリーン       Joy Golf introducing new generation of sound sensor, which measures ball’s
    speed,track androtation when it passes three invisible screen by infrared rays.
    Ball’s flying distance anspeed are perfectly measured based on instant calculation.
    Hook, slice, sidespin and backspin balls are also detect.
Our Joy Golf product’s attraction lines with its three sensor screens, based on which reality is impressively delivered.
Previous sensor
Golf screen up to now was mainly designed for bats rig
There was only one sensor technology.
There is something uncomfortable about it.
The reason is Ball’s speed and angle are only detected at the time it passes the red point on invisible screen.
However, measurement is only performed on unilateral
surface,there is still something wrong with accurac

Newly-developed surround sensor

The triple embedded sensor is a threat to Joy Golf’s surround
sensor. The product is invented by UK-based SMARTGOLF.
We have created invisible three screens to accurately detect ball’s information such as flying distance and backspin.
* The red point is sensor position.Such point is not actually colored.
Bats left are also OK!The absolute difference is the sound sensor
merit.With new technology, at-bats can be freely set, instead of
remaining fixed.
Bats left are also OK!
Differences in delicate stance are also removed.

We deliver reality with cutting-edge 3D technology

        Actual golf course images are finely captured and reflected on 3DMAX software and 3D
        game engine. Birdsong and wind sound are uniquely added for further reality.
        The products seem to reach most players’ five senses.
        Players are able to stay calm and focus on at-bats.

Easy control with liquid crystal display touch screen

          Users can select from various types of game modes and courses, as well as simply operat
          with touch panel interface.Our products bring further excitement to golf players.
          Users can enjoy merit performance of near-future golf machine simulation system