Recommended plan for customers considering of installing golf simulator

Our golf simulator can be easy installed at individual residence as soon as there is enough swing space.

Middle and long-term rental plan for customers cannot decide to install golf simulator for its high initial cost. Swing navigation system ranges from 100USD per month and professional simulator ranges from 500USD per month.


Our recommended highly-functional golf simulator
Joy Golf performance comparison ★★★★★

Accurately reproducing shot with 3 line sensor

1. Should the plate be free from obstacle, players could perform switch-hit
2. Reproducing spin ball with 3 sensors
3. High-spec system of world highest peak is available

ACE Golf
ACE GOLF performance comparison ★★★★☆

Completely reproducing substantial course with 3D

Abundant substantial courses
Impressive and realistic sensation with highly-functional graphic
Having full fun with runway play

G-SHOT performance comparison ★★★☆☆

Delivering amazing performance with reasonable price

We are able to provide golf simulator product to a wide-range of customers from retail premises to individual residence. 
Our golf simulator can be easy installed as soon as there is enough swing space.
Lower initial cost comparing to other simulator product

G-SHOT navi
G-SHOT Navi performance comparison ★★★☆☆

Swing navigation system

Appling latest camera sensor
Two camera type at foreside and lateral side
Using 20 inch wide monitor

What is golf simulator product?

Golf simulator is a machine creating environment similar to real golf court with screen images by installing special devices such as sensor and projector in-house. Playing by looking at screen images is somewhat similar to TV games, however, golf simulator allows players to enjoy real golf club and ball, not just by controller.
We are able to reproduce images which are very close to real golf court, therefore players can enjoy real golf course while staying in house. Ball hit by club actually goes aloft till touching the screen, then shown on screen via projector. Ball is detected by sensor and reflected on screen as its speed, track and flying distance instantly calculated. Ball rotation can be reproduced by sensor, therefore, ball behavior can be realistically reflected on screen such as sidespin of slice/hook and backspin.
The merits of our simulator product are not only players can enjoy course play, but also swing and form practice/check mode, which allows players to focus practicing particular parts they want to improve. Moreover, we also provide irregular course such as runway and sand, which can be used at golf bar and amusement facility to attract more customers.

Installation process of golf simulator


We are supporting with product introduction, site investigation, installation and maintenance